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Upcoming Webinars

Copilot in Action: Energizing Your Productivity!

Explore the art of seamlessly integrating Copilot into your workflow. Join us for an engaging session filled with real-life demonstrations, offering invaluable firsthand insights and expert guidance on how to unlock Copilot’s full potential to boost productivity and foster collaboration across your organization.

Join our live rollout webinars!
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Microsoft Teams Meeting

Ongoing Events

App in A Day

Realize the potential of Microsoft Power Apps. Learn to create custom business applications for your company without knowledge in writing code!

Coming soon!

Power pages in A Day

Explore the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform in addressing your business challenges efficiently. Engage with the platform firsthand and discover its swift and effective solutions for your specific needs! 

Coming soon!

Modern Work In The New Normal

We offer Microsoft Viva Deployment! See how Microsoft Viva can better help your team and organization today!

SMB Modern Work Workshop

Join us for an interactive online workshop to have a thorough understanding of M365 for Business and experience the power of Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshop

The Covid-19 pandemic has substantially impacted the way many industries function. Organizations are now embracing a hybrid and remote working setup. We conduct workshops to help you and your organization overcome the unforeseen challenges along the way. See how you can make a seamless change today!