Microsoft Teams: Upgrade Your Way of Communication and Collaboration

Improve communication, collaboration and productivity.​

Whatever happens, you need to keep your business and people up and running. Build a streamlined communications that fits your environment anywhere, anytime. Let your employees experience the seamless switch between multiple communication methods such as video conference calling, instant messaging, real-time document collaboration, and file sharing – individually or altogether as needed — all in one place.

The hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365 integrates the people, content, ideas, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective. Alfa Connections is here to help you put the power of Microsoft Teams to work at the heart of your digital transformation.

Make the most of your business voice and video calls.

  • Calling In Teams
    • VoIP
    • PSTN
  • PSTN Options
    • Microsoft Teams Calling Plans
    • Direct Routing
    • Operator Connect
  • Simplified Calling Experience
    • Make And Answer Calls
    • Forward Calls
    • Transfer Calls
    • Know A Potential Spam Call
    • Transfer Calls Between Devices
    • Call With Apple Carplay
  • Modern Calling Capabilities
    • Auto-attendant & Call Queue
    • Call Park & Retrieve
    • Voice-enabled Channels
    • Connected Contact Center
    • Policy-based Recording Solution
  • Work From Anywhere
    • Desk Phones & Teams Display
    • Headsets Speaker
    • Phones

Why do you need Microsoft Teams?

4 hrs per week saved

per employee through improved collaboration
and information sharing

17.7 % improvement

of time-to-decisions made by decision makers

150 trips saved

on average of overnight trips, replaced with online meetings by Year 3

88 % felt time saved

survey respondents felt:
“having all of our solutions in one place saves time”

45 mins saved

from Firstline worker collaboration
with colleagues per week

18.9 % reduction

in meetings per week

Empower your organization today!

Let’s discuss how we can help you and your organization embrace the power of digital and data-centricity. Discover how to streamline processes, boost productivity, and make informed decisions with ease.