Microsoft Power Platform Training Services

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and Security, Alfa Connections is a recognized market leader in Power Platform Services across Asia Pacific. With over 200 employees, including 12 Microsoft Certified Trainers and 50 Developers, we pride ourselves on our innovative teaching methods. Our trainers equip aspiring professionals with the skills to create user-friendly apps, automate processes, generate solutions, analyze data, and build virtual agents, all aimed at enhancing business operations.

Training Overview

Our “App in 2 Days” program is crafted to deepen your understanding of Power Apps and the entire Power Platform. Led by a certified Microsoft Partner, this extended training session provides an in-depth exploration of these powerful tools.

Target Audience:  
– Department Power Users, Citizen Developers 
– IT team (Existing Microsoft Office 365 subscription users only) 

Throughout the two-day workshop, you will receive hands-on experience with Alfa Connections, experts in developing advanced Power Apps solutions. Our expert instructors will walk you through each step of the app creation process, from initial concept to final deployment, through a series of interactive sessions.

By the end of this training, you’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to build custom apps that work on mobile devices and can be securely shared within your organization.

Create an App

Create a Dataverse Table​

Create a Model-driven Power App​

Integrate Power Apps with Power Automate

  • Create a canvas app.
  • Add screens to your app.
  • Use Power Fx formulas in your app.
  • Navigate between screens.
  • Customize galleries on your screens.
  • Capture a collection from your app.
  • Create a custom table and add custom columns to it.
  • Use the Power Apps form control to populate the table.
  • View the table data.
  • Create a calculated column.
  • Implement a server-side business rule.
  • Create a standalone model-driven app.
  • Customize forms for the model-driven app.
  • Use a business process flow to guide users through a process.
  • Create a flow that triggers when a new Microsoft Dataverse row is created.
  • Automate sending approval requests.
  • Customize the approval based on the Microsoft Dataverse row.
  • Use the Approval center.

Key Take Aways

  • Create custom business applications without writing code.
  • Learn how to build sophisticated business processes and complex data relationships within your applications.
  • Learn how to connect your app to a variety of data sources to bring it to life.
  • Share your apps inside your organization securely.

Copilot Studio in 1 Day” offers a hands-on, step-by-step lab exercises that guide you through building modern copilot experiences tailored to any scenario or use case.

Target Audience:  
– Department Power Users, Citizen Developers 
– IT team (Existing Microsoft Office 365 subscription users only) 

Join us for this immersive training, where a Microsoft Certified Partner will assist you in getting started with Microsoft Copilot Studio.

This training provides extensive practical experience with Alfa Connections, experts in creating Microsoft Copilot Studio solutions. Benefit from a whole day of instructor-led copilot creation workshops.


Plan Your First Copilot​

Create Your First Copilot​

Authoring 101​

Build Power Automate Flows

  • Access Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Create a new topic within Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Use the latest authoring canvas to build your topic by using authoring tools, including questions, messages, variables, and Microsoft Power Fx.
  • Make your chatbot more powerful by integrating Microsoft Power Automate and external data.
  • Create a new copilot by using the unified authoring canvas in Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Create your first topic and add content to the topic, including rich text responses and more.​​
  • Use the Copilot feature in Microsoft Copilot Studio to create a topic with AI.
  • Learn how to test your copilot in Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Publish your copilot on a demo website.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the message and question nodes.
  • Become familiar with the system topics and their behavior.
  • Discover the fundamentals of entities and slot filling.
  • Learn how to use variables in Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Explore the extensibility capability, including Power Fx and extended node properties.
  • Learn about the basics of Power Automate.
  • Use Microsoft Copilot Studio to request data from another data source and return the data in a conversational dialog with a customer or user.

Key Take Aways

Easily create your own chatbots

Act quickly with seamless integration

Build smart bots using rich, personalized conversations

Our “Dashboard in 2 Days” is designed to elevate your data visualization capabilities in just two days. Our training empowers you with the tools and knowledge needed to harness data effectively, enabling informed decision-making and strategic insights.

Target Audience:  
– Department Power Users, Citizen Developers 
– IT team (Existing Microsoft Office 365 subscription users only) 

Through our expertise, we craft curated dashboards that cater specifically to your analytical needs, ensuring clarity and relevance in every visualization.

Our training covers fundamental PowerBI skills and advanced techniques for effective dashboard design, equipping you with the proficiency to create impactful visualizations. Beyond training, we provide ongoing support to guide you through the dashboard creation process, ensuring you receive continuous assistance tailored to your evolving needs.

Access & Prepare



Share & Collaborate

  • Accessing the Data
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Mash-up and Transformation
  • Defining Calculations
  • Advanced Analytics Development
  • Selecting and Sorting Data Elements
  • Filer Types
  • Drilling Into and Across Datasets
  • Visualization Type Changes
  • Experimenting with Diverse Visualization Styles
  • Selecting from a Diverse Array of Chart Types
  • Utilizing Beyond Standard Charts
  • Cross-Filtering Across Visualizations
  • Saving and Publishing Power BI Desktop Reports
  • Accessing Dashboards via Native Mobile Apps
  • Effective Sharing with Other Users
  • Packaging Reports in Apps for Seamless Consumption
  • Embedding Interactive Visualizations Across Channels

Key Take Aways

  • Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources.
  • Define business rules and KPIs.
  • Explore data with powerful visualization tools.
  • Build stunning reports with Power BI.
  • Share dashboards with your team and business partners and publish them to the web.

Remote Training Options

1:1 Training

4 pax per company + complimentary 2 pax = 6 pax

Focus: Individualized attention where one trainer works closely with one team.

Customization: Content, pace, and focus can be highly tailored to the teams’ needs and learning style.

Interaction: High level of interaction and direct feedback between the trainer and a team.

Flexibility: Training sessions can be adjusted in real-time based on the participant’s progress and understanding.

Depth: Allows for deep dives into specific topics and personalized coaching.

1:M Training

3 pax up to 20 pax per session

Audience: One trainer delivers content to multiple participants simultaneously.

Standardization: Content and pace are typically standardized to accommodate the group.

Interaction: Less individual interaction with the trainer compared to 1:1, but participants can interact with each other.

Efficiency: More efficient in terms of reaching a larger audience within the same timeframe.

Collaboration: Participants can learn from each other’s questions and experiences, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


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Trainings are currently open for Singapore Customers only.

Connect different data sources and make them usable.
Build apps for tasks in hours instead of days.
Set up automated workflows between your favourite apps & services.

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