Collaborate and Work Better on Projects with Your Teams


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint sites are pages on your organization’s intranet that enables your teams work better together and helps them stay up to date on the latest company news and latest happenings. SharePoint sites help with information dissemination, project and file organization and allows better collaboration in your organization. These SharePoint sites are easy to create, edit and flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations. 

There are two types of SharePoint sites that you can create and use for your organization, they are “Team sites” and “Communication Sites”. See how these differ and how each can help to meet specific needs for your organization. 

Team Sites

A SharePoint Team Site connects you and your colleagues to allows easy access to shared content, files, information and apps that your team uses and relies on every day.

It is designed to be optimized for team or project collaboration with Microsoft 365 group integration and includes the option to connect to Microsoft Teams.

Communication Sites

A SharePoint Communcation Site is good for sharing and blasting information to a broad audience. It is optimized for a smaller group of authors and includes out of the box designs to help you get started. A Communication Site, however, does not connect to a Microsoft 365 group, but you can use a group to manage a site.