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In view of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), Alfa Connections has rolled out these ready-to-deploy applications to help organizations respond to the current situation. 

  • The Visitor Health & Travel History application addresses the need for contact tracing of visitors
  • Temperature Monitor application will provide a means for HR Department to actively monitor the health of their employees
  • Time Attendance application gives Companies an alternative approach to manage employees who are working from home due to BCP arrangement, Quarantine Order or under a Stay-Home Notice

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Visitor Health & Travel History

In the event of any outbreak of virus, it’s important that the company safeguard their staff and provide information of those who had been in contact with them
  • The company is able to contact trace individuals who had met up with their staff
  • Company can respond quickly for safety precaution
  • Application can be accessed anytime, anywhere
Version 2 is now able to scan the QR code to let visitors to access the MS Form.
Click here to download the Overview PDF Version 1.
Click here to download the Overview PDF Version 2.

 Temperature Monitor

Monitoring the health of your staff is vital in the fight against an epidemic. Digitizing the paper forms will make it easier for the Company to monitor and identify staff who are unwell and take the necessary measures based on company policies.
  • Allow HR/Manager to monitor staffs’ temperature easily 

  • Simple and straightforward to use

  • Can be used on tablet, phone and laptop

  • Accessible anywhere with internet connections

 Click here to download the Overview PDF

 Time Attendance

Do you have flexi-working hours? Do you require accountability from your employees who work from remote locations or work from home? Do you have multiple locations and need to know where are your staff working from? This app can help you do that and more.
  • Attendance Tracking ensures employees get paid in full and on time
  • Managers can identify potential attendance issues
  • Employers and employees can embrace working remotely or work from home arrangements
  • GPS time in/out
  Click here to download the Overview PDF

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