FastTrack: Tailored Acceleration to Digital Transformation

What is FastTrack?

A comprehensive and expedited service offered by Microsoft that aims to help organizations smoothly transition to and adopt Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions. Aligned with Microsoft, our program is designed to help organizations maximize the benefits of Microsoft solutions, ensuring a successful and efficient adoption.

FastTrack is a benefit provided by Microsoft designed to help customers onboard Microsoft 365 Cloud solutions and drive user adoption. Customers with eligible subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Azure or Dynamics 365 can use FastTrack at
no additional cost for the life of their subscription!

FastTrack guidance is available with a subscription of 150+ seats of Office 365 Enterprise and Business SKUs.

What Alfa Connections offers:

  • Online resources and tools
  • End-to-end guidance from Alfa Connections Certified Engineers and Cloud Professionals
  • Access to Alfa Connections & Microsoft Engineers all throughout the process
  • Available for Microsoft 365 and associated applications

What's in it for you?

  • Streamlining Adoption: Simplify the adoption process for Microsoft products and services.

  • Driving Productivity and Security: Enhance workforce productivity through effective technology utilization while protecting your data and assets effectively.

  • Empowering Success: Empower organizations to achieve their goals with Microsoft’s innovative solutions.

  • Continuous Support and Guidance: Provide ongoing assistance and expert guidance throughout your Microsoft journey, ensuring sustained success and optimal utilization of Microsoft’s evolving suite of solutions.

Empower your organization today!

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