Supporting Singapore Businesses with Nintex Workflow for Office 365 ​

A leaner, faster business is within your reach. Alfa Connections provides leading integration services for companies wanting to implement workflow management software for SharePoint. We provide implementation of:

  • Nintex Workflow 2010/2013
  • process for Document Management
  • process for Electronic Forms
  • for Information Technology
  • for respective business requirements​

We recommend and install the popular, accessible and highly configurable form automation system from Nintex. Offering both power-users and newcomers a simple, easy-to-learn interface with depth and extensibility, this software smoothly integrates with an existing SharePoint installation. Running on a drag-and-drop interface – not code – it enables even the most inexperienced user to get a quick start on automating more of their business processes.

Streamline your business processes with the Nintex form automation system

Many business-owners would be horrified if they knew how much revenue was being lost to inefficient processes in their company. Whether it’s an hour per day per employee lost to slow, cumbersome reporting software or duplication of work due to information siloing, the inflexible, laborious systems most companies struggle under are costing them time and money.

This is where Nintex steps in. This system represents the democratisation of workflow management. Ordinary users are given the tools to build their own workflows, automating both ad hoc and regular processes and clawing back precious time each day. Nintex is a highly regarded company; having been awarded Microsoft Office and SharePoint Application Development Partner of the Year in 2015, their solutions tightly and effectively integrate with the most popular office suite in the world.

Implementing industry-leading software including Microsoft Office 365 and Nintex Workflow

Discuss your business’ needs and goals with Alfa Connections today and discover a new way to work. From conducting Microsoft Workshops to building agile, responsive SharePoint architecture, we do it all effectively at a competitive price.

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