The New Normal: Employee Experience in the Modern Workplace

In today’s world, employees are embracing flexible remote work options, and meaningful in-person collaboration. Empowering people to thrive in a more flexible work world requires rethinking everything—from how you empower managers, to how you create culture, to how you reimagine the employee experience while providing to the backbone of your organization – your Frontline Workers.

Join Alfa Connections in a live webinar together with Microsoft as we share a new work options and collaboration tool that will keep your people engaged wherever they are!

26th May 2022
2:00PM (GMT +8)
Clement Chai

Xu Ying

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Bring together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work and keep your people connected and engaged anywhere they are!

As your employees are challenged with a growing imbalance between work and life, increased burnout, and decreased wellbeing, and your teams and organization face diminishing social capital, there is an urgent need to digitally reimagine the employee experience.

Discover how Microsoft can help your people to be their best, to thrive in the new reality.

What you will learn in this webinar?

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Equipping Frontline Workers for Success

Empowered to make important decisions in the moment
Organizations 87%
Need better technology-enabled insight to make good decisions in the moment
Organizations 86%
Productivity has increased through empowering ​ frontline workers​
Organizations 72%

Hybrid Work | A Durable Trend

Wants flexible remote work options to stay
Employees 73%
Considering redesigning office space for hhybrid work
Leaders 66%
Wants more-in-person work or collaboration post-pandemic
Employees 67%

Meet the speakers!

Xu Ying

Modern Workplace Specialist

Clement Chai

Modern Workplace and Frontline Worker Expert

Microsoft Singapore

Alfa Connections Singapore

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