Frontline Worker Solutions:

Vest In Your People​

Optimize Frontline Impact with Frontline Worker Offline & Online Solutions

Your frontline workforce are the backbone of your organization. Invest in them with  with simple, intuitive, and secure solutions that will take them and your business to the next level. 

As Covid-19 continuously change the world, most organizations have quickly adapted to remote or hybrid work to minimize disruptions but still keeps employees engaged. People who are engaged go to the extra mile than what you expect.

Highlights of the Service

  • Chat, video, file sharing in Teams
  • Walkie Talkie in Teams
  • Prainse in Teams
  • Shifts in Teams
  • Tasks in Teams
  • Power Automate
  • Power Platform
  • Stream on-demand video content
  • Live Events
  • Teams Channels
  • Industry specific devices
  • Wide Choice of Form factors
  • Hands-free headsets
  • Azure Active Directory Identity & Access Management
  • Microsoft Endpoint Management

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